Guarnewood obtiene el aval y sello de Co-Crea, entidad de carácter nacional especializada en el desarrollo de la economía cultural y creativa en Colombia

EXT. DAY. Barro Blanco / 6.15 AM

Niña walks half a mountain.
She walks out in the morning flying the tail behind Antonio.
They take the cows to graze.

taller creativo de producción audiovisual


Guarnewood es un taller de producción y creación de audiovisual.

We target audiovisual and creative markets based on business models in the creative industry from the base: Local stories and own narratives.

EXT. DAY. Vereda San Ignacio / 8.30 AM

Yadira takes the children to school to go to work.
Isabel, has a chemistry lesson; she loves it.
Camilo pure game; he's just in first grade.

Creative Industry


We are strengthening the cultural identity and the creative industry of the region with the contribution in training and creation of audiovisual products "Made in Colombia".

EXT. DAY. Auto Med. Bog. / 5.30 PM

Manuel, 45, takes the highway to park.
It was twelve hours between loading, unloading and driving the truck.
Beto, the assistant, accompanies him.

Taller de producción audiovisual y de medios digitales. Cine, medio metrajes y series transmedia
Guarnewood. Escuela activa. Formación para el empleo. Industria creativa

Creative audiovisual production workshop

We stimulate in young people a vision of the creative industry and entrepreneurship with the development of audiovisual projects (films, series and transmedia formats); Minimum viable products, and business model in creative industry.

Guarnewood. Escuela activa. Formación para el empleo. Industria creativa


Guarnewood strengthens the culture and entrepreneurship system in the creative industry in the region by forming and creating audiovisual products, collecting and disseminating these experiences in order to make them sustainable and scalable over time, along with their scope for the the region.

the stories have us surrounded


Creative audiovisual production workshop

Diseño narrativo y desarrollo de guion. Producción de medios audiovisuales. Industria creativa y emprendimiento.


The narrative design it is the base on which the transmedia universes are built with their diverse narrative and media possibilities.

In practical terms from the story to the development of scripts, sketches, conceptual prototypes, graphics and content. That is, the design and development of content for various formats: long, medium and short films, seasonal series, alternative formats.


Active School, that is, learning by doing, project-based learning.


    • 4K digital video production + Cinematic log
    • Creative Laboratory:
      • Post-production, design and digital media
    • Media Lab:
      • Promotion and exhibition
    • Entrepreneurship workshop
      • Business model
      • Markets (the pitch & the hubs)
Producción audiovisual en Video 4K. Guarnewood. Las historias nos tienen rodeados.
Modelo de negocio en industria creativa. Pitch, carpeta de proyecto.

industry and business model
work folder

Modelo de negocio, pitch del proyecto y producto mínimo viable: Piezas claves para escalar y hacer sostenible estas nuevas industrias.

In a transversal way, the creative industry and entrepreneurship workshop provides the inputs that these projects require in order to enter the audiovisual markets, calls and financial and strategic leverage. 

Creative audiovisual production workshop

Guarnewood is a 4K Digital Video production and realization workshop that culminates in the production of a pilot, a minimum viable product (up to 24 minutes) within a TRANSMEDIA NARRATIVE DESIGN proposal.

A group of 20 young people from Guarne, together with industry professionals, they will develop the script, breakdown of production, filming and post production in addition to creating the narrative universe that surrounds the project including pitch and portfolio in order to activate it as a creative and cultural industry project.

Guarnewood. Escuela activa. Formación para el empleo. Industria creativa
Guarnewood. Escuela activa. Formación para el empleo. Industria creativa

Looking for those who are going to tell these stories


You young creatives are the workshop.

  • Short, medium and feature films
  • Fiction series (plot)
  • Documentary, chronicles and reports
  • Cartoons
  • Alternative formats and media
  • Transmedia projects
  • Digital media

You, an entrepreneur and investor, are part of the creative businesses we are targeting by developing intellectual property projects:

NOTE: For both foreign and Colombian national investors (individuals or companies), Colombian law offers various tax incentives. Among others; Investment or Donation Certificate, deduction of 165% of the value contributed to apply to your income statement.

  • Direct without laps:
    • Carlos Arango
    • Whatsapp / Mobile +57 312 817 1559
    • Email:

Looking for those who are going to tell these stories

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